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INSTANT Access to our 9 - Module Course "How to Write a Transformational Book that Shares Your Story, Attracts Clients and Changes Lives" ($797)

$797 Value ONLY 2 payments of $97 You'll Love it!
Taught by BlissLife Press Co-Founders & #1 Bestselling Authors Nan Akasha & Chris Sherrod
Imagine the Vision Your Heart is Calling You to... HELPING More People... MAKING & GIVING More Money... Speaking and Traveling as an International #1 Bestselling Author and Change Agent... 
Revolutionary Course for Conscious Authors Taught Yin/Yang Style:
"How to Write a Transformational Book that Shares Your Story, 
Attracts Clients and Changes Lives" 

Step #1 Purpose: Write with Purpose on Purpose

Yin: Uncovering your Book Purpose & Vision thru Vision Questing

Yang: Niche And Avatar Clarity & How To Write Thru Your Hero’s Story, Cause or Charity.

Step #2 Connect: Connecting to The Spirit of Your Story 

Yin: Finding your Muses and the Spiritual Structure of your Book 

Yang: Selecting the Stories, the message, the format & layout, the method or system or main teaching

Step #3A Creativity - Integration - Inspiration. Writing Prompts, Rituals & Exercises

Yin: Creative flow and fun: Taste Test, Creativity processes, clean the pan and more

Yang: "Serendipity thru Structure" Daily Routines, Writing prompts, rituals, spaces and best practices

Step #3B Message: Express Your Voice & Lead

Yin:  Discover your Voice & Inner Leader. What is after this journey - as the leader you must know what is next and work backwards. Secrets for Writer's block and stuckness.

Yang: Serve deeper, list build, get clients, make money. Secrets to get your reader to want more, get on your list, ask to work with you...

Step #4A Flow: How to Write from Spirit with Ease

Yin: Soul Writing. Writing from Spirit, Mind and Purpose: Blending the passion and cause, with your expertise and story and channeling spirit.

Yang: Practical Writing Processes, outlines, table of contents. PLUS the newest tools, techniques and systems to write your book with ease or even without writing!

Step #4B Flow: Channel, Download and Auto- Write with Ease 

Yin: How to channel, hear, allow the inspiration to move through you and get out of the way. 

Yang: How to combine writing and Channeling, your voice, and experience, and your new awareness

Step #5 STAND OUT: Show Your Colors & Style & Be Attractive to Your Peeps

Yin: Time to SHINE! Expressing yourself thru the books look inside and out by being true to your vibe and message. 

Yang: Book size, format, illustrations, cover design, Book Titles that Convert

Step #6 Express YOURSELF! Sharing the Best (BestSelling) YOU 

Yin: Time to face the fears as you get ready to launch. Mindset, belief transformation. Writing for Spiritual Shifting and promotion. Transforming the “Burned at the Stake” Syndrome.

Yang: What to DO with your book now you have it! Overview of the publishing and distribution world, marketing secrets and repurposing - uses for your book, websites, selling, speaking...

A Writing Class For All Skill & Soul Levels

It does not matter if you have written or not -  "How to Write a Transformational Book that Shares Your Story, Attracts Clients and Changes Lives" Course consists of information for people of all skill levels whether you’ve been writing for years or if you’ve never written a single line. This class will benefit you and dramatically transform your writing, your confidence, your business and income. It will increase the opportunities coming to you. Your book is both an effective tool for educating and entertaining, as well as a KEY STEP on your Soul's Purpose.

If you do not know how to write you will learn how to get past the fear or writer's block and express yourself, even if you never TYPE a word! The Story inside you MUST COME OUT!

A Class Based On Real Life Experience from Bestselling Authors & Publishers

This class comes from real life writing, publishing and marketing experience.

These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim.

The information in this class is provided by experts who have written and published #1 bestselling books, and helped others.

“We love the transformational power of books.

We know you are a leader of the Accelerated Awakening that is happening now on the planet.  We believe writing is the most POTENT VEHICLE to Express your Transformational message that exists today.

We love creating more clients and opportunities for you to share your message by having a bestselling book. 

This class will bring out your truth and transform you, show you how to express your method or message no matter what your current skillset.”


Haven't you put off the Calling to Write Your Book Long enough?




 “How to write a Transformational Book that Shares Your Story, Attracts Clients and Changes Lives” Course 


100% guarantee of your satisfaction

$797 value for only 2 payents of $97
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